More NPCs

Hey again!

This week I worked on a lot of optimizations for the NPCs and adding lots of new behaviors and “jobs” they can do. I am not showing all of them yet, you will have to get the game to see everything!


You can walk up to NPCs and say hello. If they are random villagers, they will play one of the lines from their dialogue pool. If they are important Aron will engage in dialogue with them (which Tim will show off later).

NPCs also respond to enemies and to the player attacking them. They don’t expect that from you so they will be scared.

Work cycles

Construction villagers have wood moving/sawing cycles as their main source of work.

I might make them build actual boats that they send out into the sea. We shall see (sorry).

Resource gathering and exchange

NPCs don’t just walk up to their job, do it, and walk away. I wanted to give a bigger sense of life going on for anyone who wants to stop and observe NPCs in the game.

After gathering resources NPCs go and drop them off at warehouses or sell them to shops.

After acquiring money, NPCs can buy food gathered by other NPCs and eat it. They’re simple folk, so no cutlery needed.

Adiós for now ( ・ω・)ノ