Boss and polish


Since last update I spent a few days on improving previous work I did, such as making sure it felt nicer to play and making sure the logic was tidier. To name an example from last week, you can now steer the character whilst sliding.


I also worked more on the boss I teased last week. I added more animations and more attacks. Currently the boss fight goes through several stages and that’s something both Tim and I think we will have for all the major bosses in the game.

Also please note that not all bosses will be this small and green. We plan to have bigger, badder creatures later in development.

The boss has a variety of attacks. They ranged from melee hits to elemental abilities.

He has a variety of ground attacks, from straight line attacks to the player, to boulder attacks in all directions shown here.

Forest man can also just throw things at you so be careful!

Later in the fight this boss will summon allies to the fight and will trap the player (forest man is a tree grower).

Tim is more of a particle/ sounds guy than I am so he will make this fight even more pretty when he has time. b(~_^)d

Next week, or technically this week, I’m working on some level things and other cool AI which I’ll hopefully show off in the next update.

Until then!