Traversal, part 1 of ?


Hello again! Sorry for the lack of update last week from both of us, we were both on a quick break for a week as we really needed one.

Now what?

The week before we went on holiday and this week I’ve been focusing on traversal. It’s something both Tim and I are big fans of, so how can I work on Aron’s Adventure without adding these sorts of mechanics?

(The level is just for showcase, sorry about the grass.)


To get around basic obstacles. Slightly faster than jumping.


It’s a bit of an inside joke that I don’t like ladders in games, and Tim laughed at me for making one for our game but there are scenarios where we need them (guard towers for example).


For crossing pits of doom, or just for fun. (Yes you can drop off mid-way if you so desire)


Climbing has been a very long discussion for us, even during the days of greenlight and the far away times of early 2017. We were arguing between a more controlled approach or a “you can climb everything” mentality like in other games. In the end we both decided on a more controlled climbing system as it would make climbing puzzles more obvious, and would hopefully prevent running into frustrating situations where players would stick random objects or make unintentional jumps.

Tanks for reading, until next week everyone!