Birds and Villagers

Level shenanigans

This week I started working on a slightly smaller fisherman fishing village. It will have a market, a boat yard and close access to water and hunting areas. Player shops are also something we will add in the following months.


This week I also started working on bird behavior (which will eventually branch out into full a wildlife system with animals eating each other and all that). For now though it was more of a start to creating flying AI. We will have more flying creatures than just birds ;).

Birds fly around, scour the ground , land, walk around and fly off. Birds can be killed. They can also be chased off by Aron.


After starting to work on a boat yard I thought it would be a shame not to add row-able boats into the game (at least as a start).

Boats can be rowed at different speeds and can drift in strong currents. It still needs to be polished and is a work in progress.

Bonus .gif

Here is a sad villager who just had a fish accident:

Cheers for reading and in a bit!