More combat

AI and combat

Last week I once again worked a bit on combat. A lot of it was simplifying the logic and making fighting enemies feel good. A lot of player feedback and all that.

Hope this week I can just show some combat .gifs to keep everyone satisfied!

Environmental damage

I could not resist adding some environmental damage to the game such as spikes you can push enemies into (or walk into yourself if you so desire) and some destructible cranes:

Ranged enemies

I continued setting up damage for ranged attacks. Blocking ranged attacks reduces the amount of damage the player takes and blocks weaker attacks entirely (such as thrown daggers).

Arrows can of course be dodged as well!

Melee combat

Enemies now have much improved attack management, or how they pick if they should attack. A small group of enemies will be more aggressive and a large one may not have all of the enemies attack at once.

Enemies now have fully implemented hit responses for all types of hits, from ranged to explosive. They also have different death animations depending on how they fall down.

Bonus .gif!

I might make this a weekly thing, where I share something fun with everyone.

Hope you've enjoyed this update :D

Until then!